Hannah L. Ubl



Helping organizations create A workplace that doesn’t suck.


Hi! I’m Hannah.

I’m the co-founder of Good Company Consulting, an organization dedicated to helping businesses create authentic, empowering workplaces that don’t inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries.

As a speaker and consultant, I present communication strategies and action-oriented tools to inform people-first culture and strategy. And while this might sound like touchy-feely fluff, these insights directly correlate to higher retention rates, improved employee satisfaction, and a significant positive impact on the bottom line.


What they’re saying

“With a mix of humor and humility, Hannah was able to engage our newest leaders through our most senior executives. In fact she was so insightful and charismatic, no one left the room once for our 90 minute session. She made us laugh, and she made us think.”


Hannah’s Herstory

After a career in human resources, and a brief stint in chiropractic school (why not?), I found my path as a professional generational keynote speaker, leader, and trainer. I’ve spoken to hundreds of audiences from new hires to the C-Suite, and to organizations with anywhere from 20 to 100K employees. My sweet spot has always been listening to clients’ challenges and  pinpointing the most effective solution, be it a workshop, research project, or training session.