I launched my speaking career in pre-school with a dramatic reading of Hop on Pop to my Care Bears. Though it’s true I was a four-year-old that technically couldn’t read, I was immediately hooked by the power of sharing a story with an attentive audience. Since then, I’ve upgraded my content to research-based insights and broadened my audience to new hires, managers, leaders, and C-suite executives.


For nearly a decade, I’ve been speaking to people at every level within organizations and heard what matters. At the core of happy workplaces with thriving, productive employees, are leaders who really listen, really care about their people, and really understand the value of kindness, empathy, and authenticity. I want to share that message with as many people as possible, because we all deserve a great place to work. And the awesome byproduct? Happy people = happy bottom line.

My work is grounded in empathy, research, and strategy. I believe that with a little more of each, everyone can grow to better listen and  communicate – that’s why my mission is to help clients transform their workplace culture and improve communication to become the #bestplacetowork.

My speeches and workshops: insightful, authentic, and research-based.